(Or How to Keep Animals Happy, Save Old MacDonald's Farm, Reduce Your Hoofprint, and Still Eat Meat)

“At last, the perfect book for people who would like to eat meat but have moral, ethical,
or health concerns about doing so. Catherine Friend loves animals but eats meat and gives a thoughtful, personal, clear-eyed perspective on how to do both, humanely and sustainably.”
--Marion Nestle, Professor of Nutrition, Food Studies, and Public Health at New York
University, author of What to Eat.

Winner of the 2009 Minnesota Book Award in General Nonfiction

The Compassionate CarnivoreConsumers are becoming more and more concerned about what happens to their food before it hits their tables. As an animal-loving, animal-raising, animal-eating farmer, Catherine Friend tackles the carnivore's dilemma, exploring the contradictions, nuances, and questions surrounding the bewildering choices facing today's more conscious meat-eaters. Using her own struggle to become a compassionate carnivore, Friend offers concrete tools readers can use to talk to farmers and processors, to negotiate the Brave New World of humanely-raised meat.


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  The Compassionate Carnivore is written in the same witty and warm style that characterized Catherine Friend's memoir Hit by a Farm. Friend uses her perspective as a sustainable farmer and carnivore to consider meat animals’ quality of life—while still supporting the choice to eat meat. Regardless of whether you eat meat once a day, once a week, or once a year, your perspective of what goes on your plate—and in your mouth—will never be the same.

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